Date of Establishment  :
27 January 1989

Name  :
PT. Suman Gasindo Dewata

Address  :
Jl. Danau Tamblingan no. 22 Sanur - Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia

Company Registration  :
Departemen Perdagangan Republik Indonesia

No. IUBB  :

No. TDP  :

No. TDG  :

No. NPWP  :

No. SITU  :

No. HO  :

No. NIAP from Pertamina  :

Maria R Wibowo

Chief Director
Tjahjono Goenadi

Thelma Herlina

Total employee of 58 people that are divided into :

- Administration and Finance : 10 people
- Sales : 5 people
- Operational : 40 people
- Technicians : 3 people

With its main priority to satisfy both customer and worker, our company places its priority on managing safety on all aspects of business that we do. Understanding the risk of the energy resources, we always make sure that safety procedures were done with care and completeness. Periodic training and all updated technique that was needed to uphold this value were done in totality to make sure that we maintain lowest risk possible of accident on the field.

Adding to that we also value our workers that mostly have worked years with our company. We always make sure that we give consistent promotion chances to our senior worker that have developed experiences and skills that was needed to grow from one role into a more important roles in their lives. We believe that all of our employees are family and we should all work together for the improvement of our companies. For our young juniors, we also provide monthly trainings in order for them keep up with what it takes to survive in this business. We challenge them into learning new things and give them more responsibilities to enhance their carriers and future.

PT. Suman Gasindo Dewata was establish on 27 January 1989. Its main business includes :
1. Sales and Marketing of LPG gas ( 3kg, 12kg, 50kg, Bulk ), & Lubricants Pertamina.
2. Installment and Maintenance of LPG Installation.

PT. Suman Gasindo Dewata was a sister company of :
1. PT. Sumanindo Grahawisata ( Suman Tour )
Tour & Travel that was located in Denpasar - Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya.
2. PT. Suman Dinar Cargo
International & Domestic Freight Forwarder that was located in Denpasar - Bali.
3. PT. Suman Gaung Persada
LPG Filling Stations that was located in Surabaya.
4. PT. Pilar Rekayasa Muda
Pertamina LPG agent in East Java.
5. PT. Tjamara Gas
Pertamina LPG agent in Central Java.
6. PT. Riung Karsa Buana
LPG and Refrigerant agent of PERTAMINA in East Java.
7. PT. Mitan Riung Karsa
LPG and Kerosine agent of PERTAMINA in East Java.
8. PT. Calung Mas
LPG and Refrigerant agent of PERTAMINA in Jakarta.
9. PT. CM Engineering
Construction and Distributor of Autogas Equipment, Autogas Dispensers & Supply, Retrofit Refrigerant Hydrocarbon in Jakarta

We believe in continuous improving of company performances and experience in order to be able to survive and maintain its competitiveness in this very tight market of Energy Company. Therefore we always add new divisions to support our marketing power and to make sure customer satisfactions.


Is to be a company that always improve itself and be able to give its customer reliable services and become trustworthy energy company. We always eager to learn and improve ourselves in :
- Skill
- Service
- Human Resources
- Quality


To create and develop a business that will be reliable and trustworthy on all domestic products provided by PERTAMINA (PERSERO) and give profitable share to its stakeholders.
1. Improve work performance by applying the best management strategies.
2. Create job opportunities to both senior and junior employess.

Suman Gasindo Dewata


Head Office :
Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 22 Sanur
Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia
Phone :
(62-361) 288570 (Hunting), 284425
Fax. :
(62-361) 287886
E-mail :

Warehouse :
Jl. Danau Tempe No. 19 Sidakarya
Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia
Phone :
(62-361) 724909, 724912, 724916

Work Time :
Office : 08.30 – 16.30 WITA
Warehouse : 07.00 – 17.00 WITA